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It's grass time!

Dog Boarding

Your dog will have a holiday with us while you are away. They will be able to interact with other friends and have personal care and attention.

Choose this: if you are going for a holiday and your pet is used to having someone in the house. Also optional if you have to take care of family members (4-legged or otherwise) or move house and would like to ensure that your pet gets its share of love and care.

Charges: from $75 per day
Rates include food and all walks during their stay - great value for your dollar!

What's so special about Boarding @ MIBO?
We live here - we eat, sleep, watch television, etc. The same things you do at home! So your dog will have a similar environment. No cages. In fact they will find their own place to sleep and rest at the end of the day.

Best part is the human and canine interaction. We are there for them come night or day. And they have buddies in the form of other 4-legged friends!

And rest assured that it will not be overflowing with dogs... More love, attention and cuddles for all :)

Dog Boarding: Services

Please note the following for Boarding @ MIBO:

  1. All dogs MUST be licensed according to AVS regulations.

  2. All dogs above the age of 7 months ARE RECOMMENDED to be neutered or spayed. Limited places are available for non sterilised dogs in the MIBO facility.
    *MIBO gives priority to sterilised dogs for check-in. Non sterilised dogs incur a different rate than what is stated on this site. MIBO PDC's decision to accept or decline such dogs is final. 

  3. Check in is anytime before 6pm. Check out is before 8pm. Rates stated are on a per calender day basis. (eg. 6th Aug to 12th Aug is 7 days, regardless of check in or check out time)

  4. Food is provided. 

  5. For the prevention against Fleas & Ticks, please see Our Take on Ticks.

  6. Vaccinations have to be up-to-date. Appropriate documents will be verified before admission to MIBO.

  7. Full payment is required on/before the start of service.

Dog Boarding: Services
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