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Long Term Boarding

When you need a place for your pet(s) to stay for an extended period of time, MIBO can help. We provide all the comforts of home to you to keep you at ease.

At our Long Term Boarding programme, we offer long term stays for families in transition. The thought of leaving them for an extended period is heartbreaking. Sometimes circumstances beyond our control forces us to away for an extended period. Would it be nice to know that your beloved pet was well cared for, loved and nurtured just as if they were at home?

There are many reasons an owner might need to be away from their pet:

  • Job related training or deployment

  • Illness or hospitalisation

  • House on the market and unable to find suitable accommodations that allow pets

  • Overseas Jobs

  • Pet Quarantine requirements (transit from one country to another)

  • Relocation (either for a short duration or not feasible to bring for your pet with you)

  • Death - main caregiver dies and family makes special arrangements ahead of time

  • Disability

  • Long vacations

  • Dog Retirement (see also Lifetime Care)

We are committed in providing you pet a safe loving home and making sure that you never have to worry about your pet. We stay in touch through email, send photos, videos, whatever you need and as often as you need. If you are still in the country and are free to visit and we’ll even help arrange a special outing.

Whatever we can do to help make this difficult time easier we will.

Long Term & Life Care: Services

Long Term Rates

Rates for dogs include:

  • Basic shower once a week (not applicable to long and/or double coated breeds)

  • 2 walks a day

  • Flea and tick application once a month OR

  • Flea and tick spray once a fortnight

  • Food provided

30days block : from $2100

Rates for cats include:

  • Free roaming at selected times of the day in a safe secure area

  • Food provided

  • Kitty litter - we use Vitakraft Magic Clean

30days block: from $1500

Long Term & Life Care: Services

Prices for Long Term Boarding are quoted on a case-by-case basis. For stays 6months or less, the deposit is for the 2 months to cover any incidental costs (vet visits, grooming fees, etc) and payment in full before release of your pet. For stays more than 6 months, full payment upfront is required for 12 months and any unused portion during this period will be returned to you.

Do note that long term board refers to stays of 30days or more. All other admission criteria are required prior to check in.

For pet(s) in transit, you may liase with us directly and we can be in contact with your pet relocation agent. If you require recommendations, here are the few that we have worked well with:

Shiloh Animal Express
Peter Pet Services
Singapore Pet Hotel (for Japanese clients)
WorldCare Pet Transport
Ricted Kennels
Jason's Pet Relocation

*Our primary care is to your pets: We will take care of your pets during their stay with us. We do not provide vet check services (blood tests, health checks, etc). Transportation to the veterinary clinic/quarantine centre/airport is at additional fees that have to be booked in advance.

Long Term & Life Care: Services
Cat and Dog

Life Time Care

We also offer retirement for dogs that have special needs or they are getting older and the owner is unable to provide for them.

For your dogs that you can no longer care for due to old age, illness or change in circumstances of the caregiver, MIBO can work with you to provide care and companionship to live out their lives with the dignity they deserve. 

Dogs eligible for Lifetime Care: 

  • typically are 10 years or older (age criteria may vary depending on breed/size); long-term and perpetual care planning is available for younger dogs

  • have no history of aggression

  • have experienced or are about to experience a disruption in their lives due to change in health, and well-being

  • have care needs that can no longer be adequately provided

  • may face health and/or mobility challenges

  • are typically considered by an animal shelter or humane society to be “unadoptable” due to age, mobility, or state of health

Prices for Lifetime Care are quoted on a case-by-case basis. Full payment upfront is required for 12 months and any unused portion during this period will be returned to you (no further payments are required for their stay thereafter).

Long Term & Life Care: About
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