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Other Service Options

Pet Visits

For Dogs:

Give your dog some companionship during the day. We will come by (likely morning / evening) to your place to perform all the necessary duties for your dog’s comfort for the day: play, feed, change the paper, pick up poo, brush them through, switch on the lights, airconditioning, etc. Almost anything related to your dog!

Choose this: if you are away for a long part of the day, but will eventually return for the night and would like to keep your dog in his familiar environment (Example, long hours at work, extra shifts, attending an all day wedding event).

Charges: from $60 per visit

For Cats:

Visits ensure a clean litter box, fresh water change, feeding of dry and/or wet food for your pampered felines, playtime and long conversations with them while we move around your house! Longer assignments usually include general housecleaning, vacuuming, changing out the cat litter, brush and groom (if allowed by your cat(s) :P ), and anything else that you think will keep them happy.

Charges: from $60 per visit

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Home Care

For your pets that require extra love post surgery. If they need to pee/poo more often than usual, dressing changes, medications administered during the day, we are there for them. Sometimes it just helps to know that they have someone to look for when they are in recovery.

Charges: $20/hour (minimum 2 hours)

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Includes Pet and House Sitting: We will spend the night at your place with your pets (all types excluding cats) and look after your property while you are away.

The single most compelling reason for engaging the services of a live-in pet/house sitter rather than letting your house fend for itself (and your pets pine for you while home alone) is the enormous cost of outside care for your animals. Even for one dog, over the period of 2 weeks, you could be looking at a cost of $300++! If you have 2 or more pets, costs could easily escalate. (*someone mentioned that their dog's boarding costs more than their air ticket!)

If you are considering boarding your animals for any length of time, do know that it can place a huge strain on their physical and emotional health. This is especially so if your dog has not been boarded before or have medical conditions that could be aggravated by a change of environment.

A pet/house sitter can go a long way toward meeting your pet's needs, providing companionship and love as well as keeping them fed, exercised, safe and healthy. It will keep them in their familar environment, with the comforts of home and reduce unecessary stresses of boarding. If your animals are used to sleeping with you, you can even ask us if they we would mind letting them in bed for a cuddle (we won't mind!)

Services We Offer:
LOTS of tender loving care!
Provide food & water for your pets
Administer oral medications or vitamins
Clean potty, papers or litter bedding
Daily brushing and walks (for dogs)
Keep a journal of pet behavior and eating habits
Send e-mail updates
General tidy of home environment
Water plants
Take in mail & newspapers
Take out/clear trash

Charges: From $120 per night

Other Services: Service
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