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There are some factors that will make your dog's stay as pleasant as possible when at MilkBonePet DayCare (MIBO PDC). Before checking in do take a moment to consider the following:

  • Dogs above 7 months of age ARE RECOMMENDED to be sterilised: Neutered (Males) and Spayed (Females)
    *MIBO gives priority to sterilised dogs for check-in. Non sterilised dogs incur a different rate than what is stated on this blogsite. MIBO PDC's decision to accept or decline such dogs is final. Please see here.

  • Dogs are must be prevented against fleas and tick (F&T). Even if your dog does not venture into grass areas, other dogs do and may bring home F&T that hang on their body/coats. See more at Our Take on Ticks.

  • Dogs must be licensed by the AVS (
    - upon checks by the AVS, each unlicensed dog will be fined and owners will bear the full charge of the fine. MIBO will not take in any unlicensed dogs above the age of 4 months.

  • Able to socialize and get along with at least 5 dogs in a confined area.

  • Able to play with dogs above 10kg

  • Not possessive of food and willing to share toys (either with people or dogs)

  • Able to get along with most breeds and both sexes of dogs. We will need to know if your dog prefer certain sexes of dogs or automatically dislike any kind of dog.

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  • Dogs are allowed to interact freely during the day. If, under any circumstances, they are unable to cope with the environment or get along with the other dogs, they will be placed in a separate room (we have no cages) away from the pack. We will monitor the situation and see if they just need a time out or an alternate arrangement.

  • Dogs not familiar with MIBO PDC may experience separation anxiety when apart from their human companions. We would recommend newcomers to join us for a Daycare session to get to know the environment and us. We will also access if they are suitable for boarding. If your dog has high levels of separation anxiety and/or will bark when left alone, we will not suggest boarding with us. You may choose to opt for sleepovers or pet sitting arrangements.

  • Dogs have to be able to sleep by themselves throughout the night without nuisance barking or separation anxiety. Only exceptions are on medical grounds.

  • In cases where your dog is on known medications or has a pre-existing medical condition, we will require a $100 deposit for use in emergency only. If your dog has to be brought to the vet, you will be informed and this deposit will only then be used. Amounts exceeding $100 will be collected from the owner at the end of the dog’s stay. Owners are liable to pay the vet fees in full, no exclusions. Unused portions will be returned at the end of the dog’s stay.

  • Please note that we use:
    AVH Animal Ark (Binjai)
    Address: 11 Binjai Park Singapore 589823
    Phone: 64673287

  • There are 2 scheduled walks when they are at MIBO PDC. Typically (times are approximate) one at 7am and 7pm. There are also potty breaks during the day in the yard. All dogs also get outings during the week to either the nearby field or dog runs. All walks and outings are included in their daily rate.

  • The concept of dog daycare/overnight boarding is to allow for dogs to be socialized by interacting with people and dogs. Every dog reacts differently and by that nature they are unpredictable. Dogs not regularly socialized do not necessarily know how to behave politely with other dogs. These dogs are at higher risk of incidents including, but not limited to, bites, fights, fear aggression, object guarding, behavior problems and/or acting out. Any behavior deemed dangerous or inappropriate by MIBO PDC may result in dismissal and banned in the future from the programme.

  • Dogs that are excessively destructive may be a problem to themselves and other dogs. We try as best to remove and limit the exposure to such items that may pose a hazard. However, if your dog is posed as destructive (in terms of chewing, shredding, digging or the like), we may have to confine him/her for her safety. Possible dangers include wood parts (splinters), plants, wires, wall plaster and partitions. While most items are kept out of reach of your dog, we hope you will understand that this is a home-concept boarding facility and we dislike the thought of placing your dog in a concrete box or wire pen area that resembles a kennel.

  • Dogs not regularly exposed to the level of activity at MIBO PDC may feel the discomfort of sore muscles, sore joints and fatigue. Dogs not regularly exposed to outside activity or play on hard surfaces may experience sore paws, blisters, bruises or abrasions on the feet (Raw Paw).

  • Excessively long toenails may cause injury. You will be notified if your dog’s nails are too long. If, at your next visit, the nails have not been trimmed, MIBO PDC will have them trimmed at owner’s expense.

  • Dogs at play during the regular day care do get dirty. Dogs with longer hair can get matted from the level of activity at day care. Professional baths and brush outs can be requested with a groomer and scheduled at owner’s expense.

  • For the best prevention against fleas and ticks, do ensure that your pet has a form of treatment (ACCURATE or other brands) in effect at least 1 week before they check in. Do note that even with all levels of prevention, fleas and ticks are opportunists. You may discover ones that “hang on” to your pet even if he does not venture outdoors. F&T may hang on to our clothes, shoes, other pet’s fur, etc, in their search for the right host. So if your pet is protected, F&T won’t be hanging on for long and eventually expire (die). See more here.

  • Water is available at all times; however, your dog may still be thirsty after daycare/overnight daycare. Be aware of their water intake as excessive amounts may cause an upset stomach or other problems.

  • Dramatic changes in food and/or food quality may cause upset stomachs, diarrhea, and/or colitis. You are recommended to bring their current diet when staying with us.

Any enquiries regarding your dog's stay with us are always welcome.
We will try our best to accommodate your needs.

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