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What are the add ons that are optional during their stay?

For your convenience we included the following frequently requested services:

Run in the Sun & Splash in the Sun

This takes place in an enclosed dog run and access to the beach!

A few times a week, in the late mornings and/or late afternoons, we take selected doggies to have a good stretch and run around to their hearts content. We bring toys and let them socialise with play time in the outdoors. Fresh air and sunshine always makes a dog happy!

And what if your dog is a water pooch? You can also opt for swim sessions at the beach. Even if you think your dog can't swim, we will be there to guide him with encouragement to ensure that he has a safe and fun time. Your dog's like a duck? He can have his own aqua session and kick away!

Run in the Sun: $80

Splash in the Sun (which will come naturally with Run in the Sun): $120
Rates are on a per outing basis and include a post activity shower.


We provide dog kibbles at no extra charge! 
You are also welcome to bring your dog's own food to prevent any tummy upsets from any short term change of diet. But if you would like us to provide his meal for him, we will feed your pet’s regular meal, just like how he has it back home whether it's home-cooked or otherwise.

This includes Home Cooked Food (HCF) complete with raw ingredients and preparation process (cooking – boiled or steamed, chopping, peeling, etc). If your dog is on a Bones and Raw Food (BARF) diet, we will also be happy to accommodate.

Do note that if you are providing food for your dog, we recommend that you pack a sufficient amount for the whole duration of his stay. This is to prevent an upset tummy and even unforeseen allergies as their system gets used to a new brand of kibble. (note: If your dog runs out of his/her commercial dog food, we will be glad to purchase replacements from the pet shop of our choice. Any discounts given by the pet shop will be absorbed by us as a token for our running fee - you will be required to pay the recommended retail price.)

As for treats, gosh, where do we begin? The list is endless! If your dog absolutely loves something, we will try to stock up the kitchen with his choice :) Also, if your dog cannot consume anything in particular, just let us know.


Grooming (as charged by groomer - check with us)

If your dog will be staying with us for more that 5 days, this would be a worthwhile option to consider. Upon consultation with MIBO, we will be able to advise you if your dog will be considered for a refreshing bath or a basic grooming. Grooming will be carried out by a professional (outsourced - not us!), so your dog will be in good hands.

We do not offer the option of full grooming, as we know that most clients will already have an established relationship with their dog’s personal groomer.

We provide showers at no extra charge for dogs that stay for 5days or more. Do note that we are unable to accommodate double coated/large breeds/complex coats as we are not trained groomers and do not have the tools (professional blower/dryer). Some of the breeds that we do not cover are long coated Shih Tzus, Malteses (and similar), full coat Shetland Sheepdogs, Huskies, Samoyeds, Golden Retrievers (and similar).


Flea & Tick (F&T) Prevention
We offer Spot On applications, Spray On applications and De-tickingDip & Bath to all dogs.

  • Spot On applications take a minimum of 24 hours to be effective and are therefore effective for dogs that stay for 3 days or more. ($20 per application)

  • Spray on applications can be applied upon check in (complimentary) or 2 days before going home or as an added prevention with existing flea & tick preventions. ($10 per application)

  • De ticking Dip & Bath is best carried out a minimum if 2 days before going home, so that existing ticks (if any) can die. (as charged by groomer - check with us)

For the best prevention against fleas and ticks, do ensure that your pet has a form of treatment in in effect at least 1 week before they check in.

Do note that even with all levels of prevention, fleas and ticks are opportunists. You may discover ones that “hang on” to your pet even if he does not venture outdoors. F&T may hang on to our clothes, shoes, other pet’s fur, etc, in their search for the right host. So if your pet is protected, F&T won’t be hanging on for long and eventually expire (die).

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